Toronto Island Park Image by Intiaz Rahim

The top 5 free parks in Toronto to enjoy the nature inside the city

High park: This large, centrally located park is a jewel in Toronto’s park system. High Park combines extensive natural areas with maintained parkland, recreational facilities and popular attractions for a unique urban park experience that can be enjoyed year-round. Recognized as one of the most significant natural sites within the City of Toronto, over one-third […]


Visit the Canada Aviation and Space museum for free everyday at 4pm

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum (French: Musée de l’Aviation et de l’Espace du Canada) (formerly the Canada Aviation Museum) is Canada’s national aviation history museum. The museum is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at the Ottawa/Rockcliffe Airport. The museum’s collection contains a wide variety of civilian and military aircraft, representing the history of Canadian aviation […]